Sunday, April 12, 2015

Wall Art

I made this piece shortly after we moved to California.  I found the large driftwood pieces while I was walking the coast near Redondo Beach and I found the small pieces near White Point. The small pieces help weigh the strings and keep them from getting too tangled in the wind.  

In 2011 I made the entire invitation suite for our wedding out of Star Dream Lapis Lazuli and Crystal paper. I had a lot of paper leftover afterwards!  I used a paper punch to cut a ratio of 3 white hearts to  every blue heart. I then utilized white cotton string and installed the hearts double-sided.  I was inspired to make this piece to mimic how we decorated our getaway car at our wedding reception.  This hangs directly at the foot of our bed slightly away from the wall and it is always moving in the sea breeze.  This piece helps create a relaxing space in our bedroom.