Sunday, October 26, 2014

Blue Quilt

I love my first Jelly Roll quilt! I had to know if the results I found with the first quilt were a fluke or if quilting really was this easy. I ordered the Moda Persimmon jelly roll from Amazon and backed this quilt with a blue cotton sheet flat sheet from a sheet set we no longer used. While I quilted my first quilt in tight waves, I did a very simple diagonal tight zigzag stitch here. This quilt came together in just a weekend!
Basting Buddies

Chiquita approved.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Let Me See Your Jelly Roll

When I bought my sewing machine my intention was to tackle sewing projects. Skirts. Bags. Miscellaneous Pinterest projects. Then I saw my first Jelly Roll quilt online... and I had to try it. After pouring over tutorials I was hooked.  How easy! How fabulous and fun!

I returned from a work event in Dallas and I needed a project to relax myself. I ordered the Moda Catalina Batiks jelly roll and some batting from Amazon and got to work.  In a week of evenings I had a beautiful lap quilt backed with orange fleece.

I expected basting to be the most difficult part of making a quilt. Instead, I found that the physical strength it took me to move my quilt through my standard sewing machine was the most challenging part. The second most challenging task was making mitered corners with my binding. Thank goodness for bloggers who love to teach and for Pinterest! I must have read more than 20 different tutorials to learn all the steps for this first quilt.  

Murphy can't resist the streaming action of a Jelly Roll